Thailand Treasures

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April 20, 2020

Thailand Treasures

Songkran Festival & Bangkok

Sawadee Kah! Hello in Thailand, a tropical kingdom of endless smiles with different regions reflecting distinct states of mind. The “bustling,” always-buzzing Bangkok is the vibrant southern capital seemingly held together by its steamy food carts, dazzling street life, and bewildering contrasts.

There’s no better introduction to Thailand than Bangkok and particularly during special festival times. Spend time exploring the busy capital’s sights, from an early-morning visit to Wat Suthat to beat the crowds to a longtail boat ride through the city’s vast network of canal-like khlongs. Here you can find shopping galore, enjoy Muay Thai matches and discover delicious foods.

Being in Bangkok during Songkran is a special experience. Songkran is one of the biggest festivals in Thailand. Lasting for a minimum of three days, it celebrates the start of the Thai New Year.

Traditionally people pray and show their respect to Buddah by sprinkling water on statues and leaving offerings. More famously known today for the immense water fights that take place in the streets and all over the city. Our hotel even supplied us with water guns to join in the experience. It is traditionally extremely hot temperatures during April months and although a unique way to cool off, if you don’t like getting wet, don’t visit during Songkran or stay inside.

Chiang Mai

The northern capital, where ancient temples and quiet monasteries dot the skyline and the all-enveloping rainforest is just a short drive away. 

The city of Chiang Mai has an inner walled Old City surrounded by the growing outer city limits. Stroll through the old city with its winding roads, temples and famous night markets. Glorious temples and traditional markets are what this riverside city in Thailand is known for. Now, thanks to a blossoming creative scene, there are also new, ambitious restaurants and plenty of contemporary art and design to complement the old.

Although there are many modern hotels now in the area, we chose to stay at hand crafted treehouse at Baan Boo Loo Village. A unique property perfectly located in the city with zen gardens, exquisite art throughout the property and gracious hosts and staff.

Highlights included mountain visits for tribal talks, zip lining, swimming in waterfalls, bathing and feeding elephants in a sanctuary and listening to Monks chant at sunset on temple tops.

This just touches on some of the treasures that Thailand truly has to offer. Contact us if you want help planning a Southeast Asia adventure.

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