Editorial rejection: “you are not citing articles of Statistical Papers”

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October 18, 2019
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Editorial rejection: “you are not citing articles of Statistical Papers”

Editorial rejection: “you are not citing articles of Statistical Papers”

The log Statistical Papers, with editorial workplace at the University of Dortmund rejects all manuscript submissions in the event that authors don’t cite documents using this Springer-published log. The editors claim its perhaps perhaps not about effect element rigging.

A request from editors to cite some random earlier papers from same journal from time to time, scientists submitting their work for publication encounter. Why? One explanation: the impact is raised by it element. In reality, for many journals it really is perhaps the unofficial guideline that such journal-self-citations are required, or your paper is likely to be refused. Some experts abide ahead of time, to help make editors delighted. Many other people have a problem with the idea that they find unethical. The German editor for the Springer log Statistical Papers will show you for you right right here why here is the scientifically proper and way that is perfectly objective run a log.

A conversation grew up on Twitter recently, for the duration of which neither the log perhaps maybe maybe not the editor ended up being known as.

Mark Hayter, teacher of medical at University of Hull in British and a log editor himself, tweeted:

“A PhD student of mine possessed a paper accepted – one condition of acceptance ended up being that she reviews her sources and includes any appropriate current documents through the accepting journal”

Then included the log was predatory that is“Not. Distinguished journal, person in COPE and from a sizable,international publishing house” as well as specified her to review her references and include ‘recent, relevant’ papers from the accepting Journal that“They asked. No particular papers had been suggested“. Turned out, Hayter had not been alone with this experience:

A reviewer ( perhaps maybe not editor) when told me personally to include citations from that log within my modification. a journal that is top. Very strange. I acquired within the practice of including a few journal cites to wherever I’m submitting and nearly forget to take into account the ethics. This might be waking me up.

More anecdotes arrived, like this 1 through the certain part of medication:

Indeed, ways to falsely inflate impact facets.

There is another http://eliteessaywriters.com/blog/psychology-research-paper-topics cardiology that is international historically that insisted you cite their ethics statement (posted as a paper).

It absolutely was cited a great deal, their impact relocated from circa 2 to over 6 in three years. #gaming #unethical

Almost all of the replies had been critical, such as this advice through the Hindawi research integrity supervisor Matt Hodgkinson:

For many we realize, the writers could have appreciated the Twitter outrage after which simply did what the editor said and quoted some random documents from the log. Why making enemies, in place of making documents? Some experts revealed also understanding for the policy:

We have blended feelings about that. One argument is the fact that you are targeting a community of scholars if you choose a particular journal. It’s rational to test whatever they have previously stated regarding the subject while the place that is logical begin could be the log you’ve chosen.

Now Professor Stephen John Senn of Luxembourg Institute of Health is just a statistician, he can certainly concur that the policy that is following of log Statistical Papers is okay as it’s. After all, in the event the tasks are written in the type of a paper and it’s also about data, you sure must cite something using this journal that is particularly significant just exactly what utilizing the title, “Statistical Papers“, right?

This is the e-mail a audience forwarded in my opinion, a recently gotten answer their refused manuscript submission:

Dear …., your paper has many merits. But, offered the enormous wide range of submissions our company is getting recently we now have chose to give attention to documents that are regarding work that is previous inside our log. And also this doesn’t appear to be the full situation along with your paper as you aren’t citing articles of Statistical Papers. Furthermore, the reference list just isn’t of good quality: often all pages and posts associated with log articles are missing.Thank you for providing us the chance to consider carefully your work.Yours sincerelyChristine H. MьllerEditor-in-Chief, Statistical Papers

The EiC was contacted by me Christine Mьller, teacher of data in engineering during the Technical University of Dortmund (TU Dortmund) in Germany. She responded, confirming the e-mail authenticity:

“Due into the high number of submissions, we need to set strict criteria, as well as 2 of these will be the quality of this paper additionally the relationship to many other papers of y our log. Then we usually ask for a resubmission if the quality is ok and only Statistical Papers is not cited. But, right here the high quality, suggested by the guide list, appears to be debateable.”

I happened to be unconvinced this training had nothing in connection with the Journal effect Factor (presently at 1.345 for analytical documents) and in addition puzzled the way the editors could solely judge a manuscript based on its reference formatting (“page numbers missing”). Mьller then clarified:

“we want to ensure that submissions fit into the log and an indicator that is good often how good its attached to past work with our journal. Note as you may see from checking our published articles (the self-citation rate of SP is not higher than that of comparable journals and you may be aware that anyway only cites of within 3 years affect the IF) that we generally do not judge that solely by whether another SP-paper is cited or not. Needless to say the grade of a paper just isn’t judged by the guide formatting. Nonetheless, we possess the ability that the sloppy guide list is an indicator of the sloppy written paper. We believe editors of other journals may have the experience that is same could make comparable conclusions. Ergo the remark regarding the reference part had been meant as solution to your author.”

That e-mail had been signed by Christine Mьller while the other two main editors, Carsten Jentsch, teacher of data in economics at exact exact same TU Dortmund, and Werner Mьller, teacher at Institute for Applied Statistics at University of Linz, Austria.

The journal’s writers seem to comply with these unofficial editorial guidelines. I looked over the initial 3 recently posted studies in Statistical Papers (all incidentally from China), one recommendations 4 documents here, another recommendations 2, 3rd recommendations 1 paper in exact exact same log. But is the range of Statistical Papers really that slim? This is exactly what the log website states in this respect:

“Statistical Papers provides a forum when it comes to presentation and assessment that is critical of practices. In specific, the log encourages the conversation of methodological fundamentals in addition to prospective applications.

This log stresses analytical practices that have broad applications; nevertheless, it will offer attention that is special analytical techniques being strongly related the financial and social sciences. As well as research that is original, visitors will see study articles, brief records, reports on statistical pc computer software, issue area, and book reviews”

Nowhere it really is mentioned that the submissions must cite some random papers that are past exact exact same log to suit the range. The assigned publisher professional from Springer decided never to respond to my email messages, and just why as long as they. The editors do their finest to improve the journal’s citation index.

However for argument’s sake, if Statistical Papers is a unique field that is separate, clearly the Editor-in-Chief is likely to be expert for the certain technology part of “Statistical Papers”? Regrettably, she actually is certainly not. an extended listing of magazines is posted by Christine Mьller on the TU Dortmund internet site, from 1984 till now, presumably her whole research production, since perhaps perhaps perhaps not otherwise specified. Yet simply two of Mьller’s analytical documents showed up inside her log Statistical Papers, which will be posted since 1960 (until 1995, even yet in German). Her namesake editor colleague Werner Mьller also offers just two papers in this log to exhibit, while Jentsch will not record a publication that is single Statistical Papers on their web site.

Fundamentally, they’re industry outsiders associated with niche that is obscure technology of Statistical Papers, having scarcely (or perhaps not at all) published here by themselves. Or possibly their very own journal’s impact element is too low and requirements boosting before Mьller, Mьller & Jentsch ponder over it as a location?

In the event that you had comparable experiences with editors imposing own-journal citation demands, please contemplate sharing these below in the remark area.

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