About Verena

Born and raised in Austria, I started traveling with my parents at a very early age. Multiple trips a year led me across Europe,  Asia and Africa. When I visited the US,   I fell in love with New York and am thrilled to now call it my home.

The travel bug never left me, and  I continued to travel extensively across the globe.  I have also worked as a guide on River Cruises and led People to People trips across Europe.

Apart from travel, other constants in my life have always been my love for animals, food and drinks, particularly vegan and vegetarian food and beer. To meet and help other like minded people and follow my passion, I started Hoppytrips, to offer beer-focused tours, and Pawsometrips ’cause after all, traveling is more fun with your furry friends.

As a licensed tour guide, I’m excited to bring my passion and expertise to Travel by Randi to provide specialty travel and tour services focused in Culinary and Pet Travel.



Contact Verena Erhart:

Call or Text 917-744-4933

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